Russia Sexy Voting Ad: Putin's United Russia Party Releases Sexy 'Get Out The Vote' Ad (VIDEO)

Voting is so sexy, it might just, well, get you laid.

At least that's the message that Vladimir Putin's United Russia party seems to communicate in a steamy new ad encouraging people to go to the polls for the December 4 parliamentary election.

An attractive young woman in a short dress walks into a polling (no, we're not going there) location. While she's getting her ballot, a [dreamy?] young man rushes up to the counter and gives her a very obvious once-over with his eyes.


She enters the voting booth and closes the curtain, but quickly opens it and pulls the young man into the booth with her. Right after we see clothes fall to the floor, a slogan that's translated to "Let's do it together" appears on the screen.

Moments later, the two emerge, the woman grinning and fixing her tousled hair. They proceed to deposit their ballots in the ballot box together. Oh, and techno has been thumping the whole time.

But like most countries with elections, voting in Russia is supposed to be done in private, and The Guardian reports that Gennady Gudkov, a member of the opposition party A Just Russia, is calling for an investigation because the ad violates the constitution.

"United Russia has forgotten that voting in Russia is meant to be secret," Gennady Gudkov, a member of an opposition party said to the Izvestiya newspaper, as reported by Sky News. "According to the law, a person who drops their ballot in the box should be completely alone in the booth."

This isn't the first sexy get-out-the-vote ad. Copyranter reminds us of last year's Spanish message featuring a woman having an orgasm while she's voting.

And while the Russian ad is pretty sexy, it doesn't hold a candle to the one released by Katarzyna Lenart, who went full on "Basic Instinct" to get attention for a parliamentary election in October.