11/11/2011 02:58 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2012

Sofia Vergara Or Shakira, Who Has The Greatest Behind?

J.Lo wasn't there to defend her 'crown', but at last night's 2011 Latin Grammy awards show, the whole world got to compare two of the most talked about behinds in entertainment, as Shakira and Sofia Vergara walked off the stage together. The viewing audience was mesmerized.

Most people don't know that early in her career, Shakira won a 'Miss Colita' (Miss Cute Behind) contest in her native Colombia and in 1994 was chosen as having the best rear end in the entire country (!) by a local magazine..

Similarly, Sofia Vergara was discovered by a photographer who saw her in a bikini while walking on a beach, leading to her first Pepsi commercial and onto the road to stardom.

And then finally, last night, live and before a televised audience of millions, the two Colombianas shared the stage, as Sofia presented Shakira with the Person of the Year Award. Following the singer's thank you speech, they walked away from the cameras, together, imprinting the image which has ignited the blogosphere.

Who do you think has a better behind?