11/12/2011 09:16 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2012

National Cathedral Reopens; New Bishop, Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Is Consecrated (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- The Washington National Cathedral reopened on Saturday with a private ceremony to install D.C.'s ninth Episcopal bishop. The cathedral has been closed since being damaged in the 5.8 magnitude earthquake on Aug. 23.

The first event at the newly reopened cathedral was the 11 a.m. consecration of the first woman to serve as Episcopal bishop of Washington, Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde.

Budde will be seated on Sunday at the cathedral's first public worship ceremony in the 10 weeks since its closing. Later in the week the public is invited to tour the cathedral and attend concerts, services and other programs. The cathedral calendar is online.

The cathedral is now stabilized, but repairing all the damage caused by the earthquake will take years and will likely cost more than $15 million. The cathedral, which is not directly funded by the government, has launched a donation program.