11/14/2011 11:34 am ET

'The Dark Knight Rises' Filming Causes Queensboro Bridge Traffic

Filming for "The Dark Knight Rises" may have spurred some excitement for protestors when production occupied Wall Street recently, but this past weekend, even Batman's heroic presence couldn't save the film from less than thrilled New Yorkers annoyed by the production's Queensboro Bridge occupation for nearly the entire weekend.

The star studded film shut down traffic on the top level of the bridge, causing traffic headaches in both directions. Former Mayor Koch, for who the bridge was recently renamed after, joked that the "the City Council did not require that I be informed." But for the many stuck, the confusion and delays that ensued were no joking matter.

Frustrated drivers were seen approaching traffic officers and some even drove the wrong way on 2nd Avenue to avoid the delays.

A driver complained to CBS New York, "It's getting outrageous here in New York. All their filming, all this ridiculous filming and we aren't getting anything for it."

But many, including Mayor Bloomberg, would disagree and insist New Yorkers are in fact benefitting from the recent surge in film productions taking place in the city.

According to a recent press release, television and film production amounts to a $5 billion industry generating job opportunities for thousands of workers. Bloomberg highlighted New York's film success:

It's pretty incredible when you think about it. During a time of financial distress, more TV shows are shooting in our city than ever before. So when you start reading stories about people leaving the city or it being too tough to do business here, nothing perfect, but the evidence is we have to be doing something right.