11/14/2011 08:21 am ET Updated Jan 14, 2012

George Will Speaks About Wife's Working For Rick Perry (VIDEO)

Columnist and ABC commentator George Will addressed a potential conflict of interest he has with Rick Perry's campaign on Sunday's "This Week."

Politico reported on Friday that Will's wife Mari Maseng had joined the Perry campaign as a messaging and debate adviser. Some eyebrows were raised because Will has written several critical columns about Mitt Romney, one of Perry's chief rivals in the campaign. Moreover, Maseng -- who was, among other things, communications director for Ronald Reagan-- had approached Romney about a similar role in his campaign before turning to Perry.

Will spoke about Maseng's new role on Sunday, and said that there is no ill will between himself and the Romney team -- though he did add that some "less mature" members of the Romney camp had been trying to make things personal.

"At the Michigan debate, after the debate, Mari waved to Ann and Mitt Romney," he said. "They came over and talked. They've been guests at our dinner table. And Romney gave her a kiss on the cheek. And they went their separate ways. They're both mature professionals."

Will also acknowledged that Perry had a "steep climb" in his race, but that his infamous debate gaffe was not necessarily fatal.

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