11/15/2011 09:54 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon Named Showmen Of The Year: Talk 'History Of Rap' And Love

It's a rare and beautiful thing when two people find each other.

And it's even more beautiful when everything they do together goes viral.

That's right, I'm talking about those lovable, rap-reciting buddies, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

GQ named the pair Showmen of the Year and the two sat down to finally get to the bottom of why everything they do is so good -- and why they love each other.

The duo met during the 2002 MTV VMAs, a turning point in both their careers. Fallon was the host and Timberlake was just debuting as a solo artist.

"It was a huge deal for him, Fallon said. "A lot of pressure. People were saying, is he going to do it? Can he do it? There's no way he can keep the groove! And then he came out of a GIANT BOOMBOX."

Fallon then recalled his joke from that evening and Timberlake did not miss a beat. Apparently, replaying scenes like this one is just something that the pair does. (All together, "aww!")

While their love began ages ago, most recently, it's the "History of Rap" videos that have got people talking.

I think why those videos have gone so viral is partly because everyone knows and loves those songs. That alone is pretty cool. But when you have Justin Timberlake doing it, it makes it insanely cool. After we did the first "History of Rap," we were on the phone and you were like "I'm in France now and it's on the front page!" Le History of le Hip Hop. I was so excited, like "Dude. They know who I am in France?" And Justin just goes, "No." Oh, of course. You're Justin Timberlake. That's why this is a huge hit.

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