11/16/2011 01:35 pm ET

Dylan McDermott Talks Working With Ryan Murphy And Being Naked On-Set

While the freaky "American Horror Story" has been flooring critics, Dylan McDermott's shockingly fit body has been getting quite a bit of attention itself.

The show, which is a brain child of "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, is in equal parts sexy and scary, following a family who has recently moved into a haunted house. Here, McDermott plays the toned patriarch of a family very much under duress.

McDermott sat down with The Advocate to talk about working with Murphy, whom he calls "a genius," and hopes that their professional relationship will continue.

I had this idea -- I actually brought it up to Ryan Murphy -- that I wanted to play Halston. I think that would make a great movie, because his life was so interesting and complex. I was trying to develop that for a while, and Ryan was kind of mulling it over. We’ll see.

He said that he insisted upon doing all his naked scenes without the use of a body double. And despite his hot bod, the actor uses great discretion between takes.

When I'm in the role, in the moment, I'm comfortable. After they yell 'cut,' I don't need to put my balls in someone's face."

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