11/16/2011 04:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Expresses Incredulity White House Shooting Report, Suspect

Glenn Beck reacted to reports of bullets hitting the White House with incredulity on Wednesday. In a long monologue, Beck seemed to find the reports laughable.

On Tuesday, the Secret Service found that two bullets hit the White House. The discovery followed reports of gunfire on Friday, and a suspect was taken into custody in connection with the shooting on Wednesday.

Beck said that he has seen bullet-proof glass at the White House, and doubted that bullets could penetrate it. "Now, picture you shooting bullet-proof glass from the distance the White House is from the fence with a hand gun," he said. "That would bounce off the bullet-proof glass, pretty significant glass."

Then, he speculated that penetrating the glass would only be possible with "a high-powered rifle," which was still highly unlikely. He said, "Imagine you with a rifle anywhere in Washington. I don't see you not being in jail."

He went on expressing his skepticism at the shooter's get-away. "Imagine this, you, high powered-rifle, in your car, you run, you get away, that was on Friday, it's now Wednesday and you're still at-large," he continued. "Excuse me. Have i slipped through some sort of wormhole?"

Beck then called out the suspect as a member of Occupy Wall Street. "I don't know who this guy is other than he's from Idaho, has serious mental issues and has been hanging out with the Occupy Wall Street guys," he said

He also criticized the press, including his own The Blaze, for failing to cover the story adequately, and asked how the suspect's picture was not yet on newspaper front pages across the country.