11/16/2011 10:45 am ET Updated Nov 16, 2011

Julie Biryukova, Mother Of Missing 2-Year-Old Sky Metalwala, Looking For a 'Sugar Daddy'?

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Police in Bellevue, Wash., recently served a search warrant on a "sugar daddy" dating website, seeking information on Julia Biryukova, the mother of missing two-year-old Sky Metalwala.

"They wanted all the records of her login and activity on the website as well as whom she might have spoken to through the website," Brandon Wade, owner of the website, told NBC's "Today" show this morning.

According to a description on the site, it is "the largest dating website for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements -- i.e., a relationship between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy, and a Sugar Baby."

A profile using the initials and nine photographs of Biryukova was created on July 25. According to the profile, "JB" is a divorced mother of two. It reads, in part:

"Happy, single, Loving, FUN, PASSIONATE, kind, healthy, Beautiful, great cook, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, very fit, CHRISTIAN, mommy of 2 beautiful babies, I speak fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English, I live in Redmond, WASHINGTON."

The profile creator wrote they are seeking a "sugar daddy" who is willing to spend $3,000 to $5,000 a month.

"I am looking for financial stability and assistance," the profile reads. "I am looking for a successful mentor. I am looking for a REAL man. YOU tell me YOUR 'ideal' arrangement!"

Wade told KTNV-13 the profile account was last accessed on November 14, by an IP address resolving back to a Seattle-area computer.

Detectives have yet to comment on what, if anything, they have learned from the account.

This latest development in the case comes exactly one week after police said Biryukova refused to take a polygraph examination.

"Mom isn't willing to come in and provide a polygraph. To be quite honest, that looks suspicious and we're puzzled by that," Bellevue police Maj. Mike Johnson said last week.

Biryukova's attorney, Veronica Freitas, has not responded to a request for comment.

Johnson said Sky's father, Biryukova's estranged husband Solomon Metalwala, has "cooperated fully."

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Sky Metalwala Missing
Sky Metalwala Missing

Authorities are still trying to build a timeline in the case. Biryukova told police Sky was ill on the morning of November 6 and she was driving him from their Redmond home to a Bellevue hospital when her car ran out of gas.

"She is reporting that Sky was asleep in his car seat," Bellevue police spokeswoman Carla Lafrate told The Huffington Post. "She took her 4-year-old [daughter] and they walked to a gas station, which is about a mile walk, and called a friend to come and pick them up. When the friend picked her up and they got back to the car, the child was missing."

Biryukova's car started when it was checked by officers. A forensic exam also revealed there was a significant amount of fuel inside the gas tank.

Despite recent turns in the case, investigators said they are not ready to name any suspects or persons of interest in the case.