11/16/2011 06:04 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Porn: LA-Based Porn Company Pink Visual Stands United With Occupy Movement (VIDEO, NSFW)

The San Fernando Valley porn company Pink Visual gets plenty of media attention - usually for ideas, comments or plans that seem specifically geared towards getting exactly that: attention from media outlets. And this week is no different. With occupiers getting shoved out of Zucotti Park in New York City and suggestions that LA's occupy camp could be threatened to shut down, Pink Visual has declared solidarity with the Occupy Movement and wants the world to know it.

As seen in the video below, they have stated: "In solidarity with the Occupy Movement, Pink Visual has slashed prices on over 99% of our diversified porn-folio" with titles such as 'I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Suck It Anymore' and 'Freddie Macks Mae's Fannie.' We will let you peruse some of their other entertaining economy and occupy-related titles at your NSFW leisure. But what gets even more interesting about Pink Visual's solidarity stance is the 5-point plan that President Allison Vivas lays out on the company's website.

With categories like 'The Issue', 'What Occupy Wants', 'What The 1% Wants' and 'Pink Visual's Pro Volunteer Plan,' it's actually not all that silly. Under the Tax Reform section, Vivas suggests:

Eliminate the current loopholes and credits available to the 1% and replace them with tax rebate incentives based on how successfully those individuals and their companies are in creating jobs in the subsequent tax year. In other words, corporations that pays $X in taxes would receive a rebate with a percentage that increased according to the number of new jobs offered by that corporation and its subsidiaries.

Under the Underwater Mortgages section, this is proposed:

Refinance underwater mortgages at 1% for those households that agree to 15 hours of volunteer work a week. Tax deduction on the savings each year can be made by the banking institution.

But of course, since this is a porn company, there is a column dedicated to some amount of silliness. Under the Campaign Finance section, they propose this as a 'secondary fix':

Since politicians will now have lots more time on their hands, they could use this time to volunteer for a worthy cause, or to pursue their hobbies, like tweeting pictures of their genitals.

h/t LA Weekly

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about Pink Visual's thoughts on the Occupy Movement:

[WARNING: This video is not safe for work.]