11/17/2011 02:48 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2011

Movember 'Grows' For Prostate Cancer Awareness Worldwide (VIDEO)

From the hand-painted to the perfectly coiffed handlebar, moustaches are sprouting all over the world in support of prostate cancer awareness now that Movember has hit the halfway mark.

Born in Australia, Movember takes its name from the slang word those living down under use to describe a stache. We say "moustache," they say "mo," Buzz60 reports.

By growing (or drawing) hair above your lip, participants ignite conversation and perhaps even encourage someone to get checked for prostate cancer. "Mo-bros" also partake in fundraising campaigns to help support organizations searching for a cure.

"It's rare that you can do something substantive by doing nothing," Tim Minton told Buzz60. "Not shaving in November supports people you know with cancer and helps people you don't know too."



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