11/17/2011 04:21 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

The College Majors That Study The Most (And The Least)

Think your major studies the most? You may be right or you may be crazy-- to loosely quote Billy Joel.

The National Survey on Student Engagement recently rated the majors that studied the most per week on average. Engineering topped the list with 19 hours of preparation per week. The biggest slackers on the list? Business and social sciences, both of which study 14 hours a week.

Inside Higher Ed has more:

Perhaps tellingly, time spent studying closely correlated with faculty expectations, with most faculty reporting that they expected students to spend only one or two hours more studying per week than they actually did. (The biggest difference was in the social sciences, where students studied an average of four hours less than professors expected.)

Check out our slide show of the majors that study the most (and least). Then tell us, is 19 hours a week really enough studying? Weigh in below!