11/18/2011 01:38 pm ET

Amy Winehouse Unfinished Tracks Won't Be Released: 'Detachment,' 'Gutter,' 'Procrastinate,' 'Our Souls Ain't Sold'

The Guardian reports "at least a dozen" unfinished tracks by Amy Winehouse will never be released, according to Island Record executives who say they're complying with Winehouse's wishes. The hidden cache is rumored to include songs titled "Detachment," "Gutter," "Our Souls Ain't Sold," and "Procrastinate," a favorite track among execs that label boss Ted Cockle swore on his job would stay hidden like the rest. Unfortunately for Cockle, "Procrastinate," as the sly Guardian writer notes, has been swimming the internet undercurrents for years now under the title "Procrastination." The oversight is the pressure point in the label's vow: how likely is it these songs won't reach the internet some way, somehow?

Until fans who love Winehouse too much to respect her ban have their way, us rule-followers can content ourselves with Winehouse-approved tracks on the upcoming posthumous release of Lioness: HIdden Treasures, due out Dec. 5 in the UK and a day later here.

(via Guardian)