11/18/2011 08:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Craft Of The Day: Rustic Votives Made Of Sticks

Photo by Cristina for Fossil Life Style Blog

Using natural elements indoors makes a space cozy and inviting, so these tree-branch votives bring warmth to any room. You'll need flat-sided candleholders, multi-purpose craft glue (for wood and glass), pruners and sticks. To start, wash the glass with soap and water. Then, trim the sticks so they are around the same height as the candleholder, but don't cut them all to exactly the same length. Then, begin attaching the sticks by dabbing glue on the parts of the wood that will touch the glass and hold for a few seconds to let the glue set. Repeat until the votive is completely covered and put a candle inside. Place the finished product on your mantel or coffee table to create a rustic ambience.

For more complete instructions, visit the Fossil Life Style Blog.

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Craft Of The Day

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