11/18/2011 08:40 am ET

MSNBC And Fox Apparently Of Different Minds On Occupy Wall Street

Guys. Guys! I don't want to alarm anybody, but it would seem that depending on what channel you get your news, you might encounter two entirely different takes on the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement. I know, this is going to sound shocking -- but you especially notice the divergence between MSNBC and Fox News. Seriously!

MSNBC, for example, is largely predisposed to the movement, though I'll note that each day, there comes a moment of delicious irony when Andrea Mitchell, wife of Randian sycophant Alan Greenspan, has to report on the subject. I treat these daily occurrences as a special moment that God made, just for me to delight in! Later in the day, you come to Al Sharpton's show, where the host -- who is apparently under the impression that he is in some sort of wind tunnel and not a state-of-the-art, well-miked studio -- starts yelling at me about how much he loves Occupy Wall Street, and the happy feelings are lost.

MSNBC, it should be noted, stops short of actually using their own name to co-brand with #OWS, as the Fox News Channel did with the Tea Party. Speaking of! Salon's Alex Pareene recently spent two days watching Fox's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street and found that they mostly wanted to cover how "gross" they thought everybody was, or how scary they were potentially, except for Shepard Smith, who alone seemed capable of "treat[ing] the story with a bit of nuance and objectivity," as is his wont. As you'll see in this new mashup video from Ben Craw, our experience has been much the same.

Definitely stick around to the end, to see who's done the stupidest coverage of Occupy Wall Street. The answer may surprise you! (Probably not, though.)

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[Video produced by Ben Craw]