11/18/2011 05:10 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2011

Nerd Fight 'Outliers'

John Sides and Seth Masket reflect on the election modeling "nerd fight."

Nate Silver reviews which economic indictators are the best indicators of election outcomes.

Chris Good wonders whether Gingrich's rise in the polls is real.

Scott Clement reviews polling on Obama vs. Gingrich.

Charles Franklin updates his 2012 presidential charts.

Sean Trende expects more twists and turns in the Republican primary race.

Cillizza and Blake report on a Peter Hart focus group on Obama, Brendan Nyhan hates the what-was-he-like-in-5th-grade question.

The New York Times produces an Occupy Wall Street poll graphic (via Flowing Data).

Luke Frans sums up support for a balanced budget amendment.

Frank Newport assesses the Penn State situation.

SurveyUSA lists which national pollsters include cell phone samples (and what they disclose) and which do not.