11/21/2011 05:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry: Motorcycle Time In Las Vegas! (PHOTO)

Oh, how our hearts are torn.

When we first saw this genius photo of Prince Harry tooling around on a motorcycle, our first reaction was: ew. The light 1980s denim, the cowboy-esque red bandana, the dirty work boots -- this look has "fashion crime" written all over it.

Then we came to our senses and our second reaction kicked in: SWOON.

A prince. On a Harley Davidson. Wearing silver aviators. On the open road.

Harry, of course, is still on the West Coast, finishing up his helicopter training in Arizona while kicking back in Vegas and California. He's done some brunching, some shopping and some partying, natch. But it looks like he's also found time to hit the road, riding from Scottsdale to Las Vegas.

And as much as we're not big fans of the wild hog look, we would totally hop on the back of that bike faster than you can say "future princess!"