11/22/2011 03:18 pm ET

Thanksgiving 2011; Celebrity Vegetarians Who Won't Be Eating Turkey (PHOTOS)

Looking forward to that big Thanksgiving feast? Can't wait to dig into that turkey sandwich at midnight after the football games have finished and your stuffing-induced slumber is over?

You aren't alone. Most of America will be right their with you.

It's tradition to lounge around after you've consumed more calories during dinner than you normally do in a day and a favorite past-time for many, but what about all of those vegetarians out there who can't use the Tryptophan excuse for their post-supper snooze?

Perhaps they should check in with Hollywood's most famous non-meat eaters, like Kristen Wiig, Alicia Silverstone and Russell Brand, to see how they get through a holiday totally devoted to turkey. Silverstone has made a name for herself with her vegan cookbook "The Kind Diet," which just might have a few meatless recipes designated for the biggest eating holiday of the year.

These celebrities can't blame it on the bird, so they'll just have to find a clever way to accuse the turnips for that catnap.

Celebrity Vegetarians