11/22/2011 05:06 pm ET

Lego Santa Yoda Statue, The World's Largest, Constructed In San Francisco's Union Square (Video)

On a recent episode of NBC's hopefully-not-cancelled almost hit show "Community", a professor who spent the last few decades in maximum security prison poses a very important question to his class. "What happened with Legos?" he asks. "They used to be simple. Something happened here when I was inside. Harry Potter Legos, Star Wars Legos--complicated kits, tiny little blocks. I'm not saying it's bad, I just want to know what happened."

While no one outside of Denmark may ever truly know the terrifying secret behind Legos' ever-increasing complexity, we agree that it's not necessarily a bad thing. Take, for example, what happened in San Francisco's Union Square over the past weekend.

Setting up shop inside one of the city's most iconic public spaces, a team of Lego Master Builders enlisted the help of thousands of San Franciscans, not to mention throngs of assembled tourists, to break the world record for building the largest Lego Santa Yoda of all time.

The builders started construction on Friday, finished over the weekend and did the oh-so-satisfying job of smashing the structure back to its component parts on Monday morning.

The Yoda was there to serve two purposes: make another small contribution to erasing the memory of the "Star Wars Christmas Special" from our collective national consciousness and advertise, a holiday website where people can create e-greeting cards to send to their friends and family. For each card sent out through the site, Lego will donate one new Lego toy to the U.S. Marine Corps' Toys For Tots program.

"Inspired by the collectible Santa Yoda mini-figure found in our Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, we're excited to encourage anyone who loves the Lego or Star Wars brands to spread holiday cheer for such a timely and deserving organization," said Lego Brand Director Michael McNally.