11/23/2011 11:01 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Total Recall' DVD Commentary Track Surprisingly Literal (VIDEO)

After over three decades in the public spotlight, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made something very clear: He doesn't understand how a lot of stuff works, but that won't stop him from doing them anyway and exceeding everyone's expectations. The latest example is the delightfully literal commentary track he recorded for 1990's action classic "Total Recall."

Although it was recorded 10 years ago, Arnold's commentary track has captured the hearts and souls of the Internet, and for good reason. The muscleman-turned-governor proved how puzzlingly magnetic he truly can be, even by simply explaining the literal events happening on the screen. Instead of offering any insight into his craft or letting audiences in on behind-the-scenes tidbits, he narrates every ounce of text and subtext happening.

Some samples:

"This scene is unbelievable because my frustration is that this taxi cab does not understand where I want to go."

"Here's the great moment of the sweat running down. Which gives it away that he is afraid."

"This is a great scene. Where he uses the hologram."

So let's run down the list of things Arnold Schwarzenegger does not understand but proceeds with anyway, and does and incredible job at -- for better or for worse.

1. You are not supposed to become an American actor if you cannot speak English. Check.
2. You are not supposed to marry a Kennedy if you are a Republican muscleman. Check.
3. You are not supposed to run for governor of one of the world's largest economies on a whim. Check.
4. You are not supposed to cheat on your wife with your housekeeper. Check.
5. You are not supposed to father a child and hide a secret family for ten years. Check.
6. You are not supposed to record DVD commentary tracks if you do not understand DVD commentary tracks. Check.