11/23/2011 01:52 pm ET

The Psychology Of Texting: How Your Cell Phone Reveals The Inner You

The psychology of texting is starting to sprout as a hot-button area, though the research is still amazingly in its infancy. From what studies tell us (and from simple observation), we love love love our texts. It's been clear for a while that cell phones serve a host of purposes: they make great fashion accessories, security blankets and lunch dates. When you have nothing to do, or don't want to look uncool because you're the only single in a crowd of couples, there's nothing like checking your cell phone to give you an edge.

But people use texts for a variety of other purposes. What's fascinating is what people are willing to say in texts that they would never say in person. Somehow it's OK to be a little more revealing, forthright and feisty than it is when you're talking face to face. And this honesty-via-text works both to our detriment and betterment. So why is it that texting gives us this extra oomph?

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