11/26/2011 04:34 pm ET

'The Atlantis Project,' By Artist Vincent J.F. Huang, Combines Marine Life, Art And Politics (PHOTOS)

First New York, then other cities around the world. Now the Occupy movement has spread underwater and it doesn't even involve humans.

Taiwanese artist Vincent J.F. Huang has created an installation that uses marine animals to examine the burgeoning protest movement. "The Atlantis Project," which is on exhibit at Artspace in Sydney, Australia, features a number of marine animals "occupying" models of famous world landmarks.

Through the course of the exhibit, the aquarium's coral will continue to grow "until the life-sustaining resources of the aquarium are fully consumed," and the coral loses its pigment. The aquarium and the life it contains are a microcosm, according to a press release. "The project metaphorically represents the limitations of earth's resources."

The project's connection to the occupy movement is also explained:

Outrageous affairs are occurring and infuriated marine creatures are occupying icons of human civilization underwater. The spectacles of corruption and aberration in modern Atlantis are exposed!

Art imitates life and Occupy Wall Street in other ways beyond this project as well. ARTINFO's Ann Binlot observed parallels between the current movement and Philip Glass' opera "Satyagraha," about Mahatma Gandhi.

Earlier this month, an Occupy Wall Street committee reached out to artist Mark di Suvero, whose sculpture "Joie de Vivre" is located in New York's Zucotti Park.

View photos of The Atlantis Project installation below, courtesy of Vincent J.F. Huang:

Huang Atlantis Project