11/27/2011 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nickelback Motown Tribute: Scott Bradlee's Version For The Nickelback Haters (VIDEO)

After weeks of Nickelback-hating leading up to the Thanksgiving Detroit Lions game, six guys have found a way to make peace between the haters and the music they love to hate. NYC-based pianist Scott Bradlee posted a Motown tribute to the most fervently hated Nickelback song, and the only one most people know, "How You Remind Me." He offered, "Anti-Nickelback in Detroit? Put this on in place of the halftime show!" It may be too late for that, but it's not too late to erase all memory of Nickelback's original song with this version.

The tribute band consists Andrew Baron Roland on vocals, Bradlee on keys, Adam Kubota on bass, Allan Mednard on drums, Steve "The Saxuation" Ujfalussy on tenor sax and Tim Kubart rocking the tambourine.