11/28/2011 03:39 pm ET

'Free Markets, Free People' Group To Rally In Denver As A More Conservative Counter-Protest To Occupy Denver, Occupy Wall Street

There's a new protest movement in Denver going by the name "Free Markets, Free People" and they plan to hold a rally at the Capitol's west steps on Sat., Dec. 3 around the same time and place that Occupy Denver usually holds its Saturday rallies.

According to group's Facebook page and a post on Free Republic, an online gathering portal for conservatives, they are organized by Elliot Fladen, Keith Peterson, and Colorado State Senator Shawn Mitchell.

Free Markets, Free People made this statement on their Facebook page:

Many of us in the liberty movement have observed the Occupy Wall Street Movement ("OWS") and admired their passion even when we often disagree with their tactics. They correctly identify some of the problems our country faces, such as that too many businesses make profit by lobbying the government, not by producing better value. However, instead of proposing solutions that would take our country toward renewed prosperity, OWS instead advocates policies that would make things worse. Heavier regulation, cancellation of all debts, outlawing of private insurance, a $20 minimum wage and "free" education are simply more of the same type of government intrusion that caused the current, and projected future, economic mess. What we need instead are more free markets and more liberty - for history has shown that this is the way for our country's restored greatness - both as a nation and as individuals.

9News reports that Free Markets, Free People are not in direct opposition to Occupy Denver or Occupy Wall Street, in fact they say that the OWS movement is correct in their criticisms about businesses making profits by lobbying government, but also claim that the solutions presented by the occupiers would make things worse.

The Free Markets, Free People rally is not affiliated with any specific organization or group, The Denver Post reports, although they do list Lesley Hollywood of the Tea Party of Northern Colorado and state Sen. Shawn Mitchel as the contacts for the rally According to a press release from the group, they intend to "demonstrate citizens' support for the founding principles of limited government, economic freedom, and private charity."

The rally will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 3. The group will also hold a simultaneous canned food drive "to help show that voluntary contributions - not forced giving at the hand of government - is the best way to help the less fortunate," according to their Facebook page.