11/29/2011 12:29 pm ET

Metz, Amiens Brawl: French Soccer Clubs Fight At End Of Match (VIDEO)


Sometimes extra time just isn't enough for a team to get their message across, and such was the case when Metz faced off against Amiens in Ligue 2 in France last Friday.

After Metz won 1-0, it seemed like the match truly started when both teams -- players and administrators alike -- began brawling on the field of play. The fight was sparked when Johann Paul of Amiens, apparently frustrated at the team's loss, needless shoved Pierre Bouby of Metz to the ground as time expired. The two sides traded some words in the language of love before engaging in fisticuffs.

Our personal favorite moment occurred at the :57 mark when an Amiens player appears visibly confused as to why he has been put in a headlock by an opponent.

The fight has sparked an investigation by the League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which referred to the behavior between the two clubs as "intolerable."

Hat tip to Dirty Tackle for the video!


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