11/29/2011 04:06 pm ET

Gary Giordano Released: Robyn Gardner's Family 'Disappointed' By Lack Of Progress

Robyn Gardner's cousin said the family is "disappointed" by the search for their missing relative on the day the sole suspect in her disappearance was to be released by Aruban officials.

"Needless to say, our family is very disappointed that even after all this time, we are no closer to finding out what happened to our Robyn," said Kelly Reed in a statement. "We trust that the FBI and the Aruban authorities will continue their fervent efforts to investigate her disappearance."

The statement came hours before Gary Giordano was expected to be released from jail.

Giordano and Gardner took a getaway to the Caribbean island on July 31 and he reported the 35-year-old Maryland woman missing two days later. Giordano claims Gardner was pulled out to sea by a strong tide while they snorkeled. Her body has not been found and she's presumed dead.

Police locked up Giordano 116 days ago and prosecutors have repeatedly asked to extend his detention, but a judge rejected their latest request to hold him for another 30 days, ABC News reports.

Giordano, who met Gardner through an online dating site, is expected to depart from Aruba immediately, according to the network.

The statement from Reed doesn't mention Giordano. Instead, Reed said the family just wants to know what happened to Gardner.

"Perhaps the public attention that this has generated will result in someone stepping forward with information that will help find her. In the meantime, we hope everyone will continue to keep Robyn in their prayers."

At a hearing in October. investigators said they found a beach towel with Gardner's blood on it, but they've never disclosed any evidence connecting to Giordano to a crime.

Giordano, a 50-year-old businessman from Maryland, has denied any wrongdoing.


Robyn Gardner, Maryland Woman, Missing in Aruba