12/01/2011 09:44 am ET

Conan's New Herman Cain Campaign Ad Tackles The Economy (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien already had his fun parodying Herman Cain's unorthodox campaign ad back in October, but now that a thirteen-year affair has come to light and Cain has decided to take time off from his campaign to reflect on things, some re-vamped advertising might be in order. Specifically, something that tries to put a positive spin on what appears to be a pretty long history of lying.

Luckily "Conan" was up to the task and came up with an argument about why presidents who have lots of random sex are better at their jobs than plain-old honest ones.

Of course, the sexual harassment allegations Cain is also facing are no laughing matter, but if the affair did in fact take place, he should be paying the writers at "Conan" because this is probably the only positive way he can spin it.