12/01/2011 08:08 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2011

'Grubstake': Aesop Rock And Hail Mary Mallon Release Rap Song About San Francisco Diner (VIDEO)

San Francisco may be a city of Michelin Stars, but any meat-and-whiskey-loving local knows this town is just as fabulous for its sticky diners and dives, where the coffee is black as night and didn't come out of a cat.

Celebrating our grittier culture: hip-hop group Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz) with the band's latest single, "Grubstake" -- an ode to the all-hours meat-and-cheese emporium on Polk Street.


"Grubstake" is rife with classic Aesop Rock rude boy Paul Reveresque lyrics. (9:30, back home, no chicks, sober. / Came out like a lion but you went out like a gopher.) And the video, filmed entirely at Grubstake, beautifully encapsulates the late-night unwind. The song may seem slightly random in subject, but as SFist wisely pointed out, it isn't even the first in which Grubstake is mentioned. Bambi Lake's "Golden Age of Hustlers" (performed by local star Justin Vivian Bond) also nods to the diner.

Why the numerous musical tributes to Grubstake? Is the French Dip really so inspiring? We're going to guess it has more to do with the location, as any band that's ever stumbled out of Kimo's after a show knows there's nothing like a Phily Cheesesteak at four in the morning. And though it may soon be losing its feeder of neighboring drunk musicians, we have a feeling the Polk Gulch staple will do just fine on its own beef... er, feet.

Check out Hail Mary Mallon's tribute to Grubstake, as well as a video slideshow of other favorite songs inspired by local hole-in-the-walls.