12/02/2011 08:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lana Del Rey, 'Born To Die': Singer's Official Release For Her Album's Title Track (VIDEO)

"Hold me," whispers Lana del Rey as a tattooed man does just that in her latest video for "Born to Die." The camera stays fixed on a topless del Rey, standing in front of a blowing American flag as said tattooed (and mullet-ed) man strokes her back for the duration of this video, a placeholder for the tiger video to come.

"Born to Die," the title track off her forthcoming debut album, is del Rey's third official track release since she slipped onto the scene with "Video Games." Known for her low budget, image-heavy videos, this latest looks to be a more pared-down effort (though we'll wait till we see that tiger for the final word), but it still heavily plays up del Rey's image. We watch our solemn duo through what looks like a peephole, as del Rey blinks furtively right at us and her partner keeps his eyes shut. Our best guess is, she's looking down the barrel of a gun, about to be shot for breaking the law (hence the American flag). Del Rey's words are a pretty good indicator, too: "Choose your last words/this is your last time/cause you and I/we were born to die."

Born to Die is due out January 23 on Interscope.


CORRECTION: A previous version of this post noted that this is the official video for del Rey's new song. It is in fact the official audio, with a portion of the video played on a loop. Stay tuned for the real official video, featuring a tiger.