12/03/2011 04:30 pm ET

Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week From Around The World

This week was marked by a number of wild weather events around the globe.

California and other western states saw intense winds this week. California's notorious Santa Ana winds knocked down trees across the state, leaving 300,000 without power.

In Thailand, severe flooding continued. HuffPost blogger Melissa Biggs Bradley wrote about her recent trip to Bangkok:

Locals, including the staff of many of the luxury hotels lining the river, who cannot afford rents in central Bangkok, have, of course been hard-hit. Especially suburbs to the north remain badly flooded and the government is being accused of leaving these poorer neighborhoods intentionally underwater and instead focusing their efforts on keeping central Bangkok dry.

Parts of Scotland have also been inundated with flooding, including in one area where 40 children had to be rescued by firefighters.

Some areas may have been getting too much rain, but the opposite is true for the Balkans. The region is experiencing its worst drought in decades with water levels dropping precipitously.

Drought is also severe in the Americas. The five states of northern Mexico are suffering from the worst drought since record keeping began 70 years ago.

Check out our collection of this week's weather-related photos, and see how they compare to the weather in your area.

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