12/05/2011 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2011

'Wainy Days' Is Back: David Wain Dates New York Times Theatre Critic (VIDEO)

After a long hiatus, David Wain's web series "Wainy Days" is back.

Wain took some time off his My Damn Channel series as he (understandably) got busy writing and directing the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Paul Rudd comedy "Wanderlust." Except for one new episode of the web series in June 2010, "Wainy Days" had been suspended since July 2009.

It returned Monday, with the first of a multi-part episode that involves Wain, who plays a sad-sack version of himself, dating a New York Times theatre critic with an insatiable sexual appetite. But not how Wain would prefer, as he learns when he brings the woman, played by Erinn Hayes, back to his apartment. Ken Marino, who works with Wain on Adult Swim's "Childrens Hospital," also guest stars.

"Wainy Days" started as a side project in 2007 for Wain, whose career started in the comedy troupe The State before he moved to directing films such as "Wet Hot American Summer" and the 2008 hit "Role Models." Like much of Wain's work, which also includes acting in and directing the short-lived (but cult favorite) Comedy Central series "Stella," "Wainy Days" maintains a wonderfully absurd, elastic sensibility.

The episode of "Wainy Days" is sponsored on My Damn Channel by Fiat. Maybe we will see current embattled Fiat spokeswoman Jennifer Lopez in a future episode?