12/05/2011 02:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wolf Blitzer 'Beat Boxing' At 2011 Soul Train Awards (VIDEO, POLL)

Wolf Blitzer sent audiences into a frenzy when he did the "Dougie" on stage at the Soul Train Awards last year.

That's right -- the CNN anchor got down with Doug E. Fresh like he was a member of Cali Swag.

We here at HuffPost Media consider ourselves to be students of history, and so we're honored to include this moment in our occasional series "A Look Back."

Wolf and Doug E. were such a hit that the dynamic duo teamed up again for the 2011 Soul Train Awards in November. But Wolf took a different route this year: he tried his hand at "beat boxing." By this, we mean that he actually hit boxes with drum sticks. We would've much preferred to see him attempt the stylings of Doug E., but see how he did in the video below.


Of course, last year's performance was a hard act for Wolf to follow. And he wasn't the only media personality who tried to dougie in 2010. Barbara Walters attempted the dance with Justin Bieber at the end of her "Most Fascinating People" special last year:

All this begs the question: