12/08/2011 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lea Michele On 'The Tonight Show' Wears One Of The 'Great Dresses Of All Time' (VIDEO)

There's something about late night talk show hosts and pretty women. Whether it's Nikki Reed and Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien and Marisa Miller (our all-time favorite combo), there is a special awkwardness between the bumbling men and the dolled-up female guests that tickles us every time.

Last night it was Lea Michele's turn to get Jay Leno stumbling over his words, namely due to her dress. The gilt mini featured an oversized keyhole cutout at the neck, but it was the short hemline that had Jay interested.

Her ascendance on the stage immediately resulted in Jay's eyes descent downwards, pointed at the exact spot where her dress hem met the top of her thighs. The interaction went something like this:

Lea: "You said I clean up good? What did I look like before, then?"

Jay: "Yeah, you clean up good! That is one of the great dresses of all time..."

Lea: "Thank you! It's a little short..." (wriggling and adjusting) "I have to, like, sit like this..." (covers her upper thigh with her hand)

Jay, hiding his dismay: "That works, that works."

We're not all too surprised that Lea took it in stride, as she does have a penchant for sexy dresses. Leno, meanwhile, has a much less sexy style habit. Lea mentioned later in the interview, "I heard that you have a special collection of denim long-sleeve shirts..."

Yep, definitely less interesting than the short dress.