12/09/2011 02:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Savannah Guthrie's iPhone Plays On 'Today,' Host Freaks Out (VIDEO)

Savannah Guthrie lived through quite the embarrassing moment on Tuesday, when her iPhone started playing music on air.

"Today" host Matt Lauer capitalized on the iPhone hiccup by quickly stopping the segment and grabbing her phone (we now know that Guthrie hides her phone under the couch and behind her heels). Guthrie shrieked and begged her co-hosts to refrain from revealing which song was playing.

Lauer passed the phone to host Al Roker, who laughed, "it's 'Glee'!" Guthrie grew flushed and yelled, "this is so embarrassing!"

In what seemed like an opportunity for the host to elaborate on her taste in music, released a list of Guthrie's twelve favorite songs from her iPhone on Friday. Only one of the featured songs was from "Glee."


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