12/11/2011 11:30 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

Jon Huntsman Accepts Mitt Romney's Bet On Mandates, Takes Aim At Donald Trump's 'Cojones' (VIDEO)

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman jumped on an opportunity to jab his rival Mitt Romney Sunday, releasing a video accepting a bet that the former Massachusetts governor proposed to Texas Governor Rick Perry at an Iowa debate Saturday night.

Targeted by Perry over his supposed prior support for an individual health care mandate on Saturday, Romney responded, somewhat surprisingly, "Rick, I'll tell you what, ten thousand bucks?" He extended his hand. "Ten thousand dollar bet?"

Perry claimed he wasn't in the betting business and has since said that the wager is proof Romney is "out of touch with the normal Iowa citizen," but Huntsman now says the challenge is accepted. In his new video he highlights past comments made by Romney that appear supportive of a mandated approach to health care.

(Video above)

Huntsman didn't partake in Saturday's debate, as he didn't meet the minimum 5-percent support required to secure an invite.

Despite that fact, Huntman still predicts he'll perform strongly in the key primary state of New Hampshire. From the Associated Press:

He says people don't get serious about the race until perhaps a week to 10 days before the vote. The former Utah governor has written off the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 and is counting on a good performance in the New Hampshire primary Jan. 10.

Huntsman has been focused almost exclusively in New Hampshire over the past months and remains confident that a strong performance there is still possible. At a town hall there on Sunday, he spoke about the recent stir over a GOP presidential debate set to be hosted by real estate mogul Donald Trump.

"We were the first to say we wouldn't do it. I got attacked by Mr. Trump and we attacked him back. I simply said to him, 'If Trump had any cojones, you would be in this race and not trying to manipulate it from the sideline,'" he told the audience.