12/12/2011 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Debra Messing Sports Glasses, Quilted Coat To Broadway Premiere (PHOTOS, POLL)

Remember the good old days, when Debra Messing landed herself a handsome Jewish doctor and lived (almost) happily ever after with her gay best friend by her side?

Oh wait. That's "Will & Grace." But we couldn't help sliding back into sitcom fantasy land, seeing Messing and Harry Connick Jr. (her erstwhile TV hubby, Leo) step out together once again. Messing came to support Harry at the premiere of "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," Connick Jr.'s new Broadway show.

For the occasion, Messing wore an eye-catching bronze-colored, quilted trench coat over a black dress. She also wore plastic-rimmed glasses, a style we're not so used to from the flame-haired beauty... but that we definitely dig.

As for the gilt coat? It sort of reminds us of the plastic, '70s-era bedspreads from our grandma's house... not exactly ideal style inspiration. Then again, Debra does look super warm and smiley.

Check out Grace's -- er, Debra's cold-weather look.