12/13/2011 08:31 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2011

Denver Gift Guide: Holiday Foods For Holiday Foodies (PHOTOS)

Let's be honest, gifting something unique for everyone just gets exhausting. We'd be impressed if you've never thrown up your hands in frustration and exclaimed, "I quit! Anyone left on my list shall be getting mittens!"

And although we think mittens are quite lovely, an easy gift that almost always pleases everyone is food. Chocolates and toffees, handmade Hanukkah-themed candy canes and holiday cakes are sure to guarantee your gift a success with those difficult people on your list, and generally anyone with a palate.

So look no further, here's a gift guide that is sure to make anyone's holiday celebration sweeter. Best of all, these are all Colorado-based businesses. Take a peek and be warned--your sweet tooth might need a filling just for looking at these mouth-watering treats:

Flickr photo via Sugar Daze



Denver Foodie Gift Guide