12/12/2011 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2011

Steve Harvey's Advice On Getting Your Guy To The Doctor (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey's doled out his share of advice on how to think like a man in order to get what you need out of a relationship. The comedian turned game show host visited The Dr. Oz Show just last week to share his insight on the topic and how to actually "retrain" a man's brain to get what you want.

Harvey says his principles apply when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle and getting your man to go to the doctor, too. "My wife does it for me. She tells me how much the family's dependent on me, how much she loves me, how nobody's going to be able to live without me," he said in a backstage interview at The Dr. Oz Show. "That's pretty good to know you're needed and wanted and that usually gets me to the doctor ...You gotta tell your man how valuable he is to you. If we think somebody cares or a guy thinks somebody needs him, he'll pretty much show up," he adds.

In a study earlier this year, African-American men revealed a reluctancy to go to the doctor, describing the experience as stressful and citing physicians failure to give adequate information on how to make prescribed behavior or lifestyle changes.

The study, conducted by researchers at the university of Michigan, did find, however, that when men did visit the doctor, it was because they were seeking test results or because their family encouraged them to go.