12/13/2011 01:56 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

Jon Huntsman Muted On 'The View' For Trump 'Cojones' Comment (VIDEO)

Jon Huntsman is far from the most bombastic candidate in the Republican presidential field. But in an interview Tuesday on "The View" (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) the former U.S. Ambassador to China got himself muted when he made a quip about Donald Trump's rapidly disintegrating debate.

Huntsman was in the midst of speaking out against the "Celebrity Apprentice" host and real-estate mogul for trying to exert his influence on the election process when he crossed the invisible line of daytime TV standards. "I was the first one to come out and say, 'This is total nonsense. If Donald Trump wants to influence this election cycle, he ought to be a candidate for the President of the United States,'" Huntsman said. "If you have some .... " and then the sound went mute. It came back on for "then run for the President of the United States."

If Huntsman's past speeches are any indication, the word he used was probably "cojones." At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Sunday, Huntsman made a similar statement. "We were the first to say we wouldn't do it. I got attacked by Mr. Trump and we attacked him back. I simply said to him, 'If Trump had any cojones, you would be in this race and not trying to manipulate it from the sideline."

The incident is reminiscent of when Ann Coulter was muted on "Morning Joe" two weeks ago for calling John McCain a "douchebag."

Apparently there are more than seven dirty words you can't say on TV.