12/13/2011 07:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ustreaming Of Sex-Doll-Turned-Orca-Whale Censored

While yes, sometimes nudity is pornographic and inappropriate, there are a number of situations where nudity is a natural state to be celebrated in art and in life. And sometimes the internet just doesn't understand this distinction, censoring works of art that deserve to be enjoyed by the public. This may not be one of those cases. Amber Doll is a sex toy who was underway to transform into an orca whale while being broadcasted live on Ustream.

The performance piece, made by Amber Hawk Swanson, consists of Amber cutting the naked doll to reconstruct it as Tilikum, the Sea world killer whale responsible for three deaths. The video was taken down at the point when "'flesh' material separated from the doll's frame. She was able to separate the 'flesh' to about the elbow of the doll when the channel suddenly stopped." Ew.

The primary concern with the validity of the censorship decision revolved around Amber Doll's dollness. However, Ustream's nudity ban clarifies that dolls too must keep their clothes on.

"Unfortunately, it does not matter that the doll is not a real nude person. We do not allow nudity of any kind to be broadcast on our site. This includes artistic works, medical streams, sex toys and silicone dolls."

Watch some of the performance, now featured on vimeo. Censorship and art continuously bump heads as the boundary between art and obscenity is a fuzzy one. What do you think about Amber Doll's video? Are you offended? Let us know!