12/13/2011 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Toni Braxton Talks Finding Her Inner 'Slut,' Plus Her Sexiest Style Moments (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last night Toni Braxton stopped by the "Chelsea Lately" show to chit chat with host and comedian Chelsea Handler about everything going on in her life. However, there was little talk about her hit reality show "Braxton Family Values," instead the two ladies got down and dirty about Braxton's love life.

The 43-year-old singer has recently admitted (and repeated on the show) that she is proudly "playing in the snow" aka dating white men.

When Handler asked what she likes about dating white men, Braxton replied "Well, just because it's something different." The singer went on to say, "the skin feels different. That's kind of nice." And if that wasn't weird enough, Braxton then told Handler that it [the skin] "smells different" too (Eeek, hopefully not like wet dog. Someone call Nate Hill).

Though she's been busy smelling her current love interest's skin, they haven't yet had sex. And of course, Braxton had a jaw-dropping explanation for that as well.

"I've been locked down for 10 years. I'm not comfortable with the slut in me yet. I'm working on her though," Braxton confessed.

Most definitely a personal problem, which we wish her luck on. But, based on the array of ultra revealing wardrobe choices she has made over the years, it's safe to say Braxton has no problem channeling her outer seductress.

Take a look at these skin-baring looks from Toni and tell us if you think they are sexy or way too slutty?

Toni Braxton