12/14/2011 12:45 pm ET

Alisha Brennon, Wife Of Indiana Stage Collapse Victim Christina Santiago, Speaks Out

Story by by Kate Sosin, courtesy of the Windy City Times

In August, Alisha Brennon, became instantly famous among Chicagoans for the worst possible reason.

Her wife, Christina Santiago, died in the Aug. 13 concert stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair while Brennon suffered multiple facial fractures from the incident. Santiago was a well-known LGBT and women's advocate in Chicago.

Following the collapse, Brennon filed suit against a host of companies responsible for the concert. According to her attorneys, the case is intended as a challenge to lack of same-sex partner recognition in the state. Now, four months after the disaster, Brennon talked with Windy City Times about her memories of the stage collapse and how she is fighting to carry on Santiago's legacy.

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