12/14/2011 04:04 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2012

Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer: 'Doing Well' After Double Mastectomy Surgery

Giuliana Rancic, the red carpet host and television reality star, is doing "really well" after undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, according to husband Bill Rancic, via E! News.

According to Bill, Rancic underwent the four-hour surgery on Tuesday night but is already in better spirits. "She had a little bit of pain through the night but is feeling much better this morning and was cracking jokes," he told E! News.

The 36-year-old host became the unlikely spokeswoman for women dealing with breast cancer when she told the "Today Show" in October that she had been diagnosed with the cancer. Then, on December 5th, Rancic followed up on "Today" with the news that she would be moving forward with a double mastectomy, a procedure that would require the removal of both of her breasts but leave "less than one percent chance" of the cancer returning to her body.