12/14/2011 03:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hillary Clinton Is Back To Big Hair! (PHOTOS)

Of all political style stories to follow, we find it most interesting to track politicians' hair. After all, unlike skin tone or body shape, hair is one of the most mutable aspects of one's physical appearance -- so how one chooses to cut it, color it or style it says a lot.

Mitt Romney, for example, is of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school: he's had the same uber coiffed look for years, reflecting his measured, controlled nature.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, loves to change it up. Scrunchies and headbands, wavy and straight -- the Secretary of State exudes an approachable, laid-back attitude by not taking her coif too seriously.

Today Clinton's mane motto seemed to be, "Go big or go home." The politico took the podium in Washington D.C. to address attendees of the South Sudan International Engagement Conference, a gathering intended to highlight the future development of South Sudan.

For such a serious topic, Hillary went with serious hair: a highly blown-out 'do, a strong style statement that drew all eyes to her.

Although we assume she already had everyone's attention from the super bright pink outfit.

Check out Hillary's major hair makeover below -- do you like the bigger style or miss her flatter, laid-back look?

UPDATE: Hillary kept things rolling with a diplomacy meeting, giving us a view of the rest of her outfit (black pants with that pink jacket) as she sealed an agreement with the Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo's current (and first female!) president. We added some pics, including one of Clinton and Jahjaga simultaneously signing papers. Let's hear it for the girls who run the world, people.