12/14/2011 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

The Holiday Foods Each State Loves: Wyoming Loves Prime Rib, North Carolina Loves Fruitcake And More

'Tis the season for searching for holiday recipes! Google has provided HuffPost Food with some interesting holiday search facts.

In the food celebrity arena, there are some clear winners and losers. Giada DeLaurentiis may be adorable but her Christmas recipes are no match for Paula Deen's -- the phrase "paula deen christmas recipes" is five times more popular than "giada christmas recipes." Likewise, Martha Stewart has three times more queries for holiday recipes than Rachael Ray does.

While cooks nationwide are busy figuring out what meals to make for the holidays, residents of certain states search for specific foods more than residents in other states. The list below details the states with the most popular searches, per capita, for holiday food this year. In other words, although pecan pie might be a popular search term in many states, it is most popular in Mississippi.

Honey baked Ham, Georgia
Prime Rib, Wyoming
Latkes, Massachusetts
Eggnog, Alaska
Apple Cider, Vermont
Christmas Cookies, Wisconsin
Gingerbread Man, Pennsylvania
Pecan Pie, Mississippi
Fruitcake, North Carolina
Peppermint Bark, Oregon

Happy holidays, and happy googling!