12/14/2011 08:44 am ET

Iraq Veterans Give Advice To Returning Troops (VIDEO)


The end of the war in Iraq will bring some 40,000 soldiers home. But returning for some, means entering an entirely new battlefield.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, suicide, and just figuring out how to transition into civilian life are just a few of the grave challenges vets face when they finish their service.

CNN sat down with five veterans whose opinions on the Iraq War range from proud sacrifice to humble regret. Some are still trying to find their place on the spectrum.

"I think I'm on the fence," Sarah Oldridge told the news outlet . "I know there have been a lot of Iraqi casualties, but how many more would there have been if we weren't there?"

Regardless of their opinions, each offered valuable advice to those preparing to come home on how to tackle the inevitable struggles that will arise.

"My advice is just listen to the command," Ramsey Raher told CNN. "They do a very good job of giving mandatory briefings that deal with subjects such as suicide, domestic abuse, alcohol abuse. And don't diminish the good work that you did."


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