12/14/2011 03:33 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Finally Masters Her Courtroom Style In Prada & Versace (PHOTOS)

Well, she's definitely had enough practice getting dressed for court.

After some real style missteps like that really short white minidress and the yards-of -cleavage top, it seems Lindsay Lohan's finally hit her stride when it comes to courtroom style. The recent Playboy centerfold been on an upward tick lately, with that polka-dotted dress earlier this month and the all-white attempt at innocence back in October.

But today's hearing might have been the occasion for Lilo's best courtroom look yet. Clad in an ivory Celine cardigan, matching Prada trousers, sunglasses and neutral pumps by Versace, Lindsay sped her way past photographers in Los Angeles this morning and into her hearing. Her punchy accessory? A Dior leopard print handbag, which added just the right zing.

And Linds' sartorial smash must have earned her some good karma in the courtroom: the judge praised her for completing her community service (at the morgue!) and for attending her required therapy sessions, according to TMZ.

Linds is due back in court next month; here's hoping she keeps up the good work (and style).

Check out photos below.