12/14/2011 12:14 pm ET

Microsoft Releases Skydrive App For iOS, Brings Cloud Storage To iPhone, iPod Touch

Microsoft is really starting to embrace this iOS thing.

Soon after releasing My Xbox Live in Apple's App Store, Microsoft has pushed out another app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The software giant has released Skydrive, its cloud storage service, as a standalone app for Apple devices.

Skydrive is a fairly standard way to store your photos and documents in the cloud, allowing you to view, share, upload and download select file types (a wide range of photos, videos and documents) from anywhere. All you need is a Windows Live ID (Hotmail, MSN Messenger or Xbox Live accounts work) and you'll be set to access and share your files on your iPhone.

The feature set, from the iTunes store description:

  • Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you
  • View recently used documents
  • Upload photos or videos from your phone
  • Share a link to any file using email
  • Create folders. Delete files or folders

Despite having a budding mobile operating system of its own, Microsoft has shown a willingness to release its own software for the iPhone. Most recently, the company put out My Xbox Live, the first-ever mobile profile control center for the popular Xbox gaming platform. Now, Microsoft has followed up here with both a cloud storage app, as well as a 3D children's game called Kinectimals.

With Skydrive on iOS, Microsoft enters what is already a fairly crowded cloud storage market. There is the behemoth Dropbox, for one, as well as, which recently offered 50 free GB of storage with an iOS download. And with the release of iOS 5, Apple launched its own cloud service for the iPhone, the heavily advertised iCloud.

If you prefer Skydrive, however, it can be yours, for the price! With your Windows Live ID, you get 25GB of free storage on Microsoft's cloud storage locker to use as you please. You can download Skydrive for iOS now in the iTunes store.