12/14/2011 05:47 pm ET

Rachel Crow, Wendy Williams Dish On 'X Factor' And Simon Cowell (VIDEO)

Wendy Williams sees a piece of herself in Rachel Crow, the 13-year-old singer who collapsed to the stage and sobbed after being eliminated from "The X Factor." Crow stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays, syndicated on Fox) and Williams immediately set her at ease. "If I had a daughter, that's how she would cry," Wendy gushed.

Williams asked Crow if her collapse, and Astro's temper-tantrum, should be seen as evidence that it's not healthy to have young kids competing in such pressure-packed competitions. Crow pointed out that she saw much more immature behavior coming from some of the adult contestants, but agreed that the environment may not be right for all kids. "You have to have that special little something," she said, "and I believe I do have it." Williams recognized it too, and told Crow that her performance on the show could make her "a Disney kid in the future."

The conversation inevitably turned to Simon Cowell, who Crow beamed "smells so good!" The ladies agreed again that Cowell is far nicer in person than his reputation would suggest. After Wendy called him "one of my fav interviews ever in life," Crow suggested that Cowell is just misunderstood. "He's not a mean guy ... he's very nice," she said, as Wendy nodded in agreement. If Wendy's looking for a co-host anytime soon, Crow might just be the right girl for the job.

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