Amazing Teens: 40 Students Who Changed The World In 2011!

Who says teens can't change the world? Here at HuffPost High School, we hear stories of amazing teens that are doing great things every day. Across the country, high school students are setting world records, accomplishing incredible feats, performing selfless acts, and making major innovations in science and technology. From a 19-year-old interior design whiz kid to a 16-year-old girl who trained in a freezer for a 97-mile South Pole ski trip to a teen who saved a bus full of students when he woke up their sleeping driver, these young game-changers are moving mountains (or in one case, climbing them).

They're athletes, musicians, volunteers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors -- but what they share is that they're role models to us all. Let our list of these 40 amazing teens inspire you to break through your own personal barriers and make an impact on the world.

Who else would you nominate as an amazing teen of 2011? Share your stories in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostHigh!



40 Amazing Teens of 2011